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Description: I handle the building manager here and the main elevator died earlier today. I have a contract with an engineering company that’s supposed to handle all the maintenance of this things but it was only for 5 years, its been 5 and half. Now I’m fucked. The residents of this building are going to be pissed to I need to fix this dilemma. When I met with the engineer she told me the same thing: no contract and work but she said we could renew the contract. I’m all for that. Especially since she’s one hot piece of ass. Being down there all alone with her I decided to try my luck and see if she could hook me up if I hooked her up. I pulled her shirt down and checked out her nice dark nipples. They were poking which was making me poke in another place. This was the sexiest engineer I’ve ever seen and she was letting me undress her and touch her. This was a dream come true. Me and her alone ion that boiler room. I bent her ass over the broken piece of shit machine and banged her brains out. Her booty was jiggling and her tits were bouncing and all the residents of the building were stuck upstairs hahahaha!