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Duration: 7:00 Views: 2 998 Submitted: 1 year ago
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Description: Cali went to the laundromat to do some laundry late at night. After putting all her clothes in the wash, she hopped on top of the machine to see if doing that really felt good like she heard! It did and she was getting more horny by the second - rubbing her pussy while the machine vibrated beneath her! Thats when the owner of the laundromat came in and made sure everything was alright. After he went away, Cali played with herself even more - taking out her tits and sticking her hand down her pants! The owner saw her and immediately helped her out, taking off her pants and eating her teeny pussy! He filled her tight pussy up with his huge cock and fucked her hard on top of the machines! Finally she got on her knees and jerked his dick until it exploded all over her prey face!