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Description: After a long night Mario comes and picks me up and we head over to a coffee shop and I need a cup of joe to wake my ass up. Mario waits in the car as I go grab us some banana bread and coffee but right after I walk in a mouthwatering hottie follows behind me. So I gave her “The Eye” while we were in line and she knew what was up. I sat down and she quickly came over to check me out. We get to know eachother a little and she tells me she's trying to become an actress (like every other pretty face in L.A.) so I tell her about my good friend Mario that is a top notch photographer and could help her beef up her portfolio so agents will start giving her the time of day. Our new Mexican friend Mikayla falls for it and in no time we were at Mario's place. He got her out of her clothes and into a nice tight bathing suit. I let them do their thing and I went and get ready for what was coming next. When I got back she was naked and had her legs spread. She could tell I wanted to see what she tasted like and she invited me over… you don't to tell me twice. I started eating that choocha like it had all my daily vitamins. This girl was down for anything and I slipped my cockus in her slippery slit and started giving her the business on the couch. The tits were jigglin and the ass was shakin! Mikayla was left with a mouthful of jizz for her hardwork. She asked about her portfolio and we just told her not to worry we would