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Description: Petra (37 mins) Petra's a real sweet heart with silky smooth hair and a tight moist pussy. When she came into my office she looked kind of familiar and I was wondering to myself 'have I fucked this girl before'... There's been so many now that I have trouble keeping track, but anyway I was pleased with the situation because she was looking hot. I told her straight away that I would delete the video tapes if I did not work with her, and she didn't seem to mind... I was fantasising about getting her jeans off and seeing what she had underneath the bonnet. When I asked her what she wanted to do she said that she wanted to be a photo model, but not just any photo model, a naked one... She was very interested in working in the adult industry so that made my job a lot easier. She was 22 years old and wanted a change of profession because working in a restaurant was getting her down and she wanted more money and more opportunities... She told me that she had a boyfriend so this was a big secret for her... Ooof poor guy! I told her about the money and travelling to Tokyo and she was getting as excited as my Johnson was under my desk.... Aftter I took the photos of her I went over and started rubbing her pussy, and she was loving it. So I went down to finish the job with my tongue... We were both really horny by this point so I went in for the 69 and things escalated from there... I finished off with a creampie which went slighty wrong because I came a bit too quick. Still it was an awesome afternoon. Nice one Petra.