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Shameless Kerry impales her juice box on a lovestick

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Description: Yes folks, this week I am turning back the hands of time. A time when camcorders were as big as a small fridge and sleazy cameramen had moustaches and flared trousers! Yes, it's the old, "Have you got what it takes to be in a porn film?" routine, the idea that launched a thousand sleazebags! Thankfully the camcorders are alot smaller these days, so its quite easy to film whilst getting your knob sucked! Kerry, my first, "Auditionee", was sensational and wasted no time in gorging on my dick, whilst watching herself. You see I turn the little viewfinder round the other way, girls are such shameless show-offs and simply love watching themselves suck a cock! Try it at home with your partner, or maybe the next door neighbour (If she's up for it that is!) A little point of interest for the young folk out there, when I first tried this idea in 1981, my camcorder was SEPERATE from the VCR! So you had a GIANT camcorder in your hands which was AT LEAST twice as big as my head and then a 2" thick wire attached to a GIANT VCR, which you'd drag around in a shopping trolley! On top of all this you had to try and get your knob sucked, no easy task, I assure you!!