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Duration: 7:00 Views: 5 136 Submitted: 2 months ago
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Description: Sizi Sev is an ebony step sister who is trying to learn to play the recorder. She is horrible at it and gets frustrated. She heads to the bathroom and accidentally walks in on her cracker white step brother who is in the bathroom with a fully erect penis. Sizi is frozen as she gazes at it. He tells her to leave and she does. However, she heads back to her room and puts the recorder back in her mouth and is imagining that it is her step brother???s dick. He walks in the room to tell her it???s okay that she walked in on him and that he actually thought it was kind of hot. Then he tells her he has something better than the flute she is playing. It???s his skin flute. He whips it out and she starts sucking it just like she imagined. Then it turns into full on hard fuing that ends with her sucking dick and a flute at the same time while cum runs down her face.