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Glorious young perfection Tabitha Rivera is cheating on with hunk she falls in love with

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Description: Welcome to the terrordome biznooches! Your boy T-Bone brought a new friend along; Alex, the curvy dick assassin. We set out to find this crazy girl I know named Tabitha. She has a sweet body and a sexual appetite that can't be filled. But were going to try anyway...if we can find her that is. We were about to try to bag another girl when we found her hiding in the shade. We looked like assholes on the beach. Me with a camera and Alex in a sweater. Well we got to talking and she told us she was 1/2 Puerto Rica and 1/2 Dominican and lived here in Miami. She was in a nice tight bathing suit so we checked out the exquisite camel toe she was sporting. Then we decided to take a trip to Alex's place but had some obstacles on the way like a tent on the beach that they stopped in to get a little head and Mark, who tried to kidnap Tabitha. Alex came out of the tent with his cock out and did the slow-motion run to save her. Finally when we got back to Alex's place we got her naked and checd out the full package. This girl was smoking hot! Alex was getting some head while he was fingerbanging that wet pussy. And then began the Deepthroat Pro. This girl had no gag reflex. Alex started hitting that shit like it stole something. She was asking ”Te gusta me chocha?” (Spanish 101. Te gusta me chocha = Do you like my pussy?) He tore that pussy up and left venom on her face and tits. Another 1 bites the dust!