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Glamour brunette girl Arelis Lopez is fucking pussy tester who is not her husband just because she got hot

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Description: What a nice surprise, today we bring you a tiny innocent Colombian teen named Arelis Lopez! She???s such a little cutie. She heard I was playing paintball today and asked to join me. Of course I???d let her come with me. She???s so damn cute I???d let her do anything she asked but I warned her. Paintball is a game but it hurts to get shot. So we walked over and talked to the owner. He helped her get all settled and went over the safety instructions. She seemed to have understood it all and was geared up and ready. We started up and I quickly found her running around being sneaky. She was now my prisoner and the only thing I wanted to do was get her gear off and see what her pussy tasted like. We found a hiding place and I stripped her down and felt her up. She???s was wet and wand to see how much we could do before getting caught. I laid her down on the floor and opened her lips wide and slipped my cock in. We fucked while people were playing and it was invigoration!