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Description: I fucking hate it when chicks are late, and Bonnie was late, late, late. So she turns up and I gave her a right grilling... Train was late my arse. London trains can be a bit late, but not this fucking late. Then as I went to sit back down I knocked one of my cameras over. Fuck me, not the best start to an interview. Like most of the chicks who come along, they mainly turn their noses up to porn until I lift the giant pound prospects and Bonnie was no different. One minute No, next minute Yes. Perfect. So I get her to strip off and low and behold she's wearing no knickers. Dirty girl. Then when I get her to play with her pussy she's got grass stuck to her arse. What has she been up to? I must have a sixth sense when it comes to anal matters, and I just knew she'd be up for a bit of it. So I started by sliding in a cheeky finger to a warm anal welcome. No complaints. Jackpot. As she initially seemed to be quite a shy girl I didn't expect much from her skills in the cock sucking department. But, I had to eat my words, because this girl can definitely suck cock, very well. Licking, sucking, deep throat, you name it she can do it. Good girl. As she did such a good job on me, I got my expert tongue buried in her minge, oh and another cheeky finger up her bum. This got her squirming with delight, so I got my cock jammed into her pussy straight away, no messing. After a few of my favourite positions I eased my cock into her tight little arsehole. Ahh, home sweet home. This led to the inevitable, where I had to whip it out of her arse and into her mouth for the final couple of strokes before my troops advanced toward her face. What started as a shaky beginning, had the perfect ending. Enjoy.