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Seductive floozy Bailey Blue engages in some really hardcore fucking

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 4 562 Submitted: 12 months ago
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Description: I was on a road trip with my friends and we stopped in a hotel to get some r and r. Even though we're partying I still like to get a little work out everyday so I hit the gym. When I got in there there was a hot ass blonde babe with some short shorts and a little cut off shirt working on a machine. She was doing it all wrong but fuck did she look good doing it. She had a tight little tummy and great legs. I made a little small talk and I got the feeling she liked me but a girl like this would never like me. Well I showed her how to properly use the machine and thought that was it bit she kept talking and flirting and soon she was standing next to me rubbing my cock. Whoa! I didn't know what to do but she invited me back to her room. We got there and she stripped down, and wanted nothing more than my cock in and around her mouth and pussy. I wonder if she'll let me take a picture to show my friends.