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Delicious brunette latin Deedee Lynn enjoys a foreplay with her lad

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Description: If there's one thing I love to do on a Sunday it's relax. So when I got a call from CJ telling me to get to beach I thought “this better be good.” And it was good. It was better then good, it was fucking awesome. He found a sexy Latina on the beach all alone and waiting for someone to pick her up and ram a cock in her. And who better then us? This girl Deedee was perfect. Legs were a work of art and the ass they lead to was tight and smooth. She must work out! We talked to her a bit and she was kind of freaked out by the camera at first but when we pretending like we were going to go mess with another girl she got interested in showing us her wild side really quick. In no time she flashed those perky tits our way and our jaws were floored. We could tell she was going to be a handful so asked her if she wanted to go back and hang out with us and she jumped at the chance. When we got back to my place there was no talking because she had a mouth full of cock and when here perfect legs were spread I decided to join in and put a finger in her ass and she was loving every second of it. After that she got on top and was shaking it like a salt shaker straight salsa style. When he unloaded all over her pretty face she was begging for more! Deedee was a fucking great addition to Oye Loca!