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Sex appeal brunette perfection Giselle Vega wanted to become a pornstar as soon as possible

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Description: Rule #1 of the weekend is, party all night Friday and sleep in Saturday morning. But Butders calls about a Saturday Morning Titty Hunt. He started talking to this hottie by the pool named Giselle. She had some exquisite tits! She let us know that she just moved in that weekend. She didn't seem to mind the camera but she didn't seem to care about us either. But we don't give up. We went to get some water and regroup. On round 2 we wore her down and scored the rub down. While feeling on those amazing boobs she told us she's Cuban and was enjoying the rub down! Then we told her to get on all 4's so she wouldn't get the oil all on her towel while we did her back... yeah she bought it. Ass like whoa! We invited this tall Amazon Goddess upstairs for some lemonade to cool off and she was down. When we got upstairs this girl was biting Butders and grabbing his twig and berries. She was begging for him to Ma mis tetas (Spanish 101. Mama mis tetas = Suck my titties). Then she deep throated until she teared up. Butders decided to get a little payback from earlier by slapping her with the meat. Respect knuckles! She was begging for it the whole time. He dropped the suspension bridge on her wet pussy and made her taste it. Butders finished up by shooting some jizz all over those round, firm boobies. The quest has just begun.