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Naughty Mea Melone likes to suck buddy's wang until he cums

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Duration: 5:00 Views: 2 171 Submitted: 1 month ago
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Description: Misha (34 mins). Hi everyone, allow me to introduce myself, I am Mea and I'm helping the other fake female agents out for a bit, I jumped at the idea when Jim and the girls met up with me and offered me the position. I have always loved sex and I like it to be rough and ready, hard and fast. Anyway, enough about me, lets talk about Misha. Now this was one confident man, said he had acted in porn before and was very assured of his abilities as a porn performer. So I thought I'd put him to the test and see if he could get his dick hard. Needless to say, it wasn't a resounding success, he was swinging it round in his hands and it was flopping about like an eel. Trying to get a fuck out of him whilst he was like this would be like playing pool with a rope. I eventually had to give him a literal helping hand as I was dying to get a free fuck out of this gentleman. With a lot of perseverance he was soon up and ready and he started to fuck em right there on the desk before I got him to fuck me in doggy style. Unfortunately, just as my orgasm was building he came and I was not very pleased at all. I made him lick my pussy until I achieved my own personal orgasmic goal. Not the best casting for my first, hopefully next time I'll get someone with more stamina and a dick harder then a diamond.