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Description: Silvia (40 mins) Wow Silvia looked so young and attractive when when she came in I almost thought I was dreaming. Obviously my first question had to be 'how old are you?' because this girl could potentially get me in a lot of trouble. Once she confirmed she was nineteen it was game on. Silvia told me that she'd like to be a fashion model, but unfortunately I had to tell her that she was too short for that kind of thing. Fair play, this girl was dreaming big though going on to tell me that she'd like to win an Oscar... I was lost for words, I don't know what she expected from this interview but I'm afraid I'm not that good. I liked Silvia there was something very unique about her, I had to try and convince her that she didn't need a bigger pair of boobs. She has her heart set on getting silicone implants, so I told her straight that she already has amazing tits... After the chit chat was done I swooped in, she had already told me she wanted to be famous and wasted no time showing me why. Her petit body and young smooth skin were a pleasure to touch. We had great sex and I finished off by jizzing all over her perfectly formed ass.... Silvia if I could I would give you an Oscar!