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Duration: 5:00 Views: 4 906 Submitted: 3 years ago
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Description: Lutro (33 mins). I recognized Lutro as soon as he arrived and I began to get slightly nervous. Before I became a female fake agent I watched all of the previous castings to see how the girls worked their magic and what lies they told to get what they wanted, and one that stuck in my mind was Celine and Lutro. So this guy had been duped before so what was he doing here again. Well I could rest easy, Lutor never even mentioned that he had done a similar casting before, maybe he was embarrassed as he had never got any work from it as we have no work to offer, whatever the reason he was about to get screwed over again, and they say lightning never strikes twice. Besides I'm a different agent in a different office and he probably never connected the two. Whatever his reasons for being so gullible, I remembered he had a beautiful penis on him and I wanted to try it out for myself. In my personal opinion he's lucky just to get to fuck me anyway. As he showed previously, he was very easy to seduce and to do another casting video, perhaps he thought this was the norm after his previous experience with Celine. It wasn't long before he was wanking his nice length in front of me and that got my juices really flowing. I started to get mischievous, drawing on him and poking fun at him, drawing on his ass cheeks. But it was now pleasure time, he licked my pussy with pleasure, I'm pretty sure this guy would have fucked me for free anyway, but being exposed on the web is another thing though, he obviously hasn't stumbled across himself online or he wouldn't be here fucking on camera again for a casting. I took him deep into my mouth giving him one of my expert blowjobs, before he lay me down on the casting couch. I was feeling so horny I got him to tie my hands together with his shirt and then he fucked me in the missionary position until I came all over his big cock. This was all too much for the poor fella and he soon pulled out and squirted his own orgasm all over my belly. I quickly sent him on his way before his deja vu sense kicked in. A very good casting from a very gullible stud. Enjoy.