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Romantic beauty Emily Austin gets her juice cunt smashed by lover

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Duration: 6:00 Views: 3 396 Submitted: 1 week ago
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Description: Clover was crusin the local strip mall when a pretty young blond named Emily caught his eye. He ear hustled her phone conversation, and she sounded to be in distress. It appeared to be the perfect opportunity for a street blowjob. Clover called Emily over and find out she was stuck without a ride. Clover offered her $75 to hang out, and he'd give her a ride. Yet he had planned on giving her a lot more. Distraught and pissed at her friend, Emily was up for anything and went with Clover back to his hotel room. He sweetened the deal with more cash, and soon, Emily was giving a sexy lap dance. This girl knew how to work it and had the features to do so. Her sexy body was tight, and she had a beautiful ass and two plump tits. As Emily grinded her body, more money was thrown, and the layers slipped away. It looked like this girl would do anything for a dollar. Soon she was sucking cock and getting her tight pussy pounded. This unexpected diversion from her day left Emily satisfied with a face full of cum.