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Horny blonde girlfriend Claire takes a huge love rocket from behind

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Duration: 6:00 Views: 2 450 Submitted: 1 month ago
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Description: Claire has come over to Jay Tee's in the afternoon for a quick fuck before he heads to work. Jay is always up for a quickie before starting a hard day at work. They begin to make out passionately as Claire slowly undresses Jay revealing his cut body. Claire pulls his underwear off and immediately begins to give him a great BJ. Jay kicks his head back and starts to enjoy every moment of Claire's tight mouth slurping up and down his hard shaft. Claire deep throats him balls deep sucking on every inch of his hard cock until it's nice and wet and then she gets on top of him and slowly sits down on his throbbing dick. Once balls deep inside of her Claire rides his pulsating cock deep and hard bouncing with each thrust from Jay. Jay wants to see that big ass so he flips her over and bends her over and pushes deep inside her fucking Claire hard and fast. Claire moans with pleasure from his big hard cock until he flips her on her back and pushes deep into her while kissing her. She can feel his cock build up and he pulls it out and strokes his nut out onto her chest. Enjoy!