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Description: Enzo (36 mins). Allow me to introduce myself as the latest member to the Fake Female Agent team, Zuzana. I can't wait to deceive and consume potential porn stars with our devious brand of being completely fake agents. I recognized Enzo as he soon as he walked into the room just from being a fan of the website before I got recruited. I remember him being seduced and duped by the delicious Cynthia a few months back so I started to feel a little nervous as he approached the desk. But to my surprise he didn't even mention his previous experience, maybe he was embarrassed and I certainly wasn't Cynthia, he must have thought I was a completely different agency as we like to mix the names up to keep our secret safe. Anyway, I remember him being a beautiful fuck for Cynthia and I was determined to get the same thing from him. I'm quite a confident woman anyway and I soon slipped into the role naturally and he was swallowing every lie I told him. It wasn't long before he was naked with his impressive cock swinging like a boom mast in front of me as I told him to seduce me. He was soon kissing me passionately and I climbed onto the desk so he could get to work licking my tight pussy. I love to grind a mans head into my velvet folds and really get his tongue deep probing inside me. I was so turned on by now that I had to taste his meat in my mouth and shortly after he was pounding me hard from behind. This guy is one good fuck, not a lot of experience but he has the stamina and the cock to really make it in this industry. He fucked me in missionary next and I was loving the feel of his cock stretching out my demure pussy. I wanted to see his cumshot and it wasn't long before he was spraying it round like an eager fireman in a blazing house, covering everything with his foam. It was in my hair and all over my body, an impressive casting from a great guy, what away to kick off my first casting.