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Description: Sometimes I wonder whether the walls of the consulting room are fully sound proof? Can the receptionist partially hear me fucking most of my patients, and if she can, does it turn her on? Maybe I'll find out one day. But today, my focus was on breasts, Jenny was an out of town girl who came to see me for total discretion, as she did not want any people from her village to discover that she craved bigger breasts. Jenny told me about something she'd read on a website detailing breast enlargement pills. I'm not one to miss a trick, so I planted an idea in her head that I had tried the enlargement pills myself, and that it had indeed enlarged my penis. This got her curious, and it wasn't long before I had my penis out showing her the goods. She began caressing my penis and she soon had her lips around my shaft and balls. I then got her up onto the table and finger fucked her where she squirted pussy juice all over my surgical gloves. As she was thoroughly wet, I proceeded to introduce my cock into the consultation, where I fucked her on the table and ended up on the floor. After we had finished I informed her that I couldn't write her a prescription for the pills anyway. She would have to return for blood work and a second doctor's appointment for, perhaps, more special treatment.