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Description: I was doing my make up in the doctors office when he walked in unexpectedly and it seemed like he was in a bad mood. The office was in a mess and he wanted to know why I was doing my makeup if there was cleaning work to be done. I think the good doctor had woken up on the wrong side of bed and he was pretty mad at me. I thought for a few moments that he would fire me but after I promised it would not happen again, he calmed down and offered me another chance. Seeing the doctor all angry had really turned me on, you don't often see that side to him. I really wanted to make it up to him and as I was feeling so horny I told him we could have some fun whilst we awaited his next patient. Within a minute I had the doctors cock in my mouth and now he was moaning with pleasure instead of anger. I have fucked the doctor before, but it was nothing like this. He fucked me hard and fast, all over the office a a variety of positions. I must have cum several times and I was feeling exhausted after being consumed with pleasure. Time was running out however, and I told him to cum inside me. He fucked me beautifully once more before letting out a loud groan and emptying his balls deep inside my soaking wet pussy. No sooner had we finished, then there was a knock on the door, his patient was here and we needed to straighten ourselves out pretty quickly. I was happy, I'd had one of the best fucks of my life and I had turned the doctors frown upside down.