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Description: Lynette (50 mins) It's not everyday that a Cuban dominatrix babe walks into your office, but when it happens you've just go with the flow, and fuck the living shit out of her. She was a failed makeup artist, struggling to find work in Prague, she contacted me on the off chance she could use my connections to get more work. Good thinking. It would have been a great idea if I wasn't a fake agent. Let's face it the only job I'm going to get for her begins with either 'blow' or 'hand'. She was a quite fierce type of woman, who probably has some Amazon blood running through her veins, it became obvious quite quickly that she liked to get freaky in the bedroom. Being a makeup artist I wanted to see her skills, so she started to give my cock and balls a makeover. I could see in her eyes that she was longing to get her lips wrapped around my cock. After a short while she pounced on it, and proceeded to give me an amazing blow job. The sex was so hot I blew my load earlier than I would have liked to, but we were having so much fun I went in for second helpings.... Let's put it this way she came a makeup artist and left as a porn star.