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Description: We have a wild episode for you today. After Peter Green wasted our time taking us to his girls place for NOTHING we go back on the hunt. Now that its over Im super happy that we found a rando. We found this half black, half Asian girl talking on the phone that i interrupted. We find out thats she out looking for a job after i offered the first $50. This girl turned out to be shy before rapidly showing us the crazy. The pick up has a lot of great moments that easily transitioned into going inside the van. OMG ill skip all the inside fun to get to the sex beast! This chick swallows Peters whole cock to give a great bj before getting her pussy fucked. This chick screams like a true Asian throughout. She cums multiple times and even squirts a couple more. Make sure you dont miss her ╤В╨Р╨мenjoy his cock, like a HOE╤В╨Р╨н as she simply put it.