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Glamour Paige Wilson enjoys riding a huge sausage

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Description: This was one for the books, after picking this lady up she said she was cold in the back of the taxi, then she heard me saying to myself that I wouldn't mind getting in the back to warm her up. She then started teasing me by asking how I would go warming her up. I started to explain that I would start on those lovely nipples of yours and before you knew it she said go on then why not. I couldn't believe it was going to be this easy but, yes it was and soon enough I had my face deep in her pussy. I loved her pale skin and her pink nipples reminded me of a old friend of mine, she was a dirty bitch as well. As she was then sucking down on my cock I told her about the security camera in the back, she was a bit surprised but then soon didn't care and we carried on. Another day in paradise.