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Description: This scene was a walk in the park really. Lena was just waiting for her bus when I approached her and pretended to be a casting agent from a film production company. I said that I was looking for lots of extras to appear in a new medieval movie. She was very interested. I then pushed my luck and told her we were also looking for supporting roles to be filled by up and coming new actors. I told her that she would get paid a lot of money, but she needed to be comfortable acting naked in front of all the other cast and crew. To put her to the test, I made her shoe me her tits in public, which she was happy to do, but when I asked her to show me her ass, she asked if we could do that in my car, as it was very cold. Once I got her in my car, she wasted no time in whipping off her trousers and panties, and then sucking and fucking my big cock to land her dream movie role.